Agape Real Estate Solutions LLC. is a full service real estate brokerage, and Elizabeth Willingham is the Broker in Charge. The name Agape speaks volumes concerning the mission statement of our company; since Agape means “Christs Love” or the “God kind of Love” we live to serve every customer with Agape. Our slogan “Living Large In Greenville South Carolina”, is our way of expressing that this type of living happens once Agape occurs in the lives of each person. This saying living large is normally associated with someone obtaining the big house, luxury cars, long vacations etc… ; however we desire to make this statement “Living Large” equal to the American Dream-homeowner ship on the simplest level, family, and love for our fellow man.

Elizabeth Willingham has sixteen plus years in the real estate industry, and serves the community through working with her local church. She has developed a strong reputation as a fair and honest business woman.

The mission of Agape is to create win-win transactions within the Real Estate Industry; by up holding the golden rule of life “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” we feel strongly that the ability to accomplish this task can only be meet through obtaining Agape.

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